Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Week Recap

Well, it has been a lame 10 days or so! I took the weekend of the 19-20 off to recover from some soreness, then I honestly can't remember what all happened last week. I did have a great session of physical therapy on Thursday and promptly that night I came down sick which lasted all weekend long. This morning I'm feeling much better and can finally breathe through my nose again! But it is weird that early last week I did not log any walks. I think I Mom-brained that one or something.

Anyway, this morning I was back up and at 'em! I have also started using MyFitnessPal again because I want to put specific, measurable effort toward losing the extra pounds I have tacked on since the surgery. Right now I'm sitting around 146 lbs and I'd like to be more like 138 again. Besides the number on the scale, my body shows the extra fat a bit now and my insides haven't felt super awesome lately. For the first time ever I am researching colon-cleansing/balancing because I've been on this rollercoaster of bouts of constipation or ultra-gassiness ever since my surgery. So I'm working on adding some thing and subtracting others. I hate getting older. I long for the days I could eat whatever and my body would just burn it or metabolize it no big deal. But alas, I am in my 30s.

Oh speaking of my age, my birthday was on the 22nd! Happy Birthday to Me! I still like my birthdays. I don't know if I will ever begin to dread birthdays. Every season of life brings new experiences, challenges and adventures. Why would I dread that?

This morning I already got my 2-miler out of the way, plus did some gardening, plus did some housework and I'm on a roll with intake logging so I'm feeling good! Let's hope I can keep the momentum as the week goes on :)

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