Saturday, March 1, 2014

7 Weeks Post-Op & PT Week 4

This week was very much like the rest. I started PT with a nice session on the recumbent bike, followed by my PT spending a good amount of time massaging my incision. While doing so I usually chat her up which is just my personality. If we sat there quiet, it would be awkward! Thankfully she is a very friendly person and she is a fellow runner. She hasn't ran in quite some time due to 2 back surgeries, but she is a runner nonetheless. She gets it.

Today I finally worked up the courage to ask her how my therapy is coming along. I wanted to know from her professional standpoint if I was progressing well. I didn't really get a difinitive answer, but I was encouraged.

* I am ahead of the game so to speak with my surgery rehabilitation. Out of everyone who has ever had Achilles tendon surgery, I'm at the front of the pack.

* She has commented a few times before that she can tell I have no problem being motivated to do my therapy at home.

* She calls me an "athlete" which makes me feel proud.

* She mentioned that for me it is important to really focus on the muscles I am working because if I don't, my other muscles will naturally jump in and compensate. She said that I am extremely strong so I have to really watch out for this (I took it as a huge compliment and it really encouraged me!).

* My therapist warned also regarding compensation and how even the slightest unnatural motion can put me at risk for tendonitis in other areas (plantar faciitis? posterior tibial tendonitis? No thanks). So it is important to notice and recognize when my heel or posterior tibial region is feeling inflamed, stop what I am doing and ice it.

* I was also instructed to make sure I have good arch support when I am on my feet often. 

This is a great diagram of the tendons in the foot and ankle

This week I am proud of myself. I have been taking it easier. I believe I mentioned we were going to have some stormy weather move in and it certainly had a hand in my rest. I can tell a big difference too. I don't have the same aches.

I will end this post by saying Here's to March! Here's to progress, sunshine, my garden growing. Here's to the good life!

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