Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Close!

17 days have past, including 2 sessions of Thursday physical therapy. Therapy has gotten harder, but I am progressing each week. My flexibility is really good at this point and I have definitely gotten stronger. This week I am working on progressing through calf-raise exercises. First I do raises with both feet together, then I am working on doing raises with only my affected side. It is hard, and I have a ways to go with this exercise. I'm also doing lunges, squats, stretches as I mentioned, and other leg-strengthening exercises.

I never posted a picture of a comparison of my calves at this point so here ya go!
This is mirrored so my L is pictured on the R, and is quite a bit atrophied. It will get better though.

We went to the beach last weekend. I love the beach! I knew it would be a "moment of truth" so to speak for me to face my lack of exercise. That being said, I am not overly disappointed. My body is definitely softer, maybe even flabbier in some areas, and-ehem-plumper in others! Somehow I am just ok with it-all of it. I am really pleased with how well I have accepted where I am now. I know I will continue to progress, and I am not discouraged anymore. I got a nice tan and had a great time! Last year I purchased a new bikini with a really cool back to the top and I felt comfortable in it.

Cute, right? I found it at Sports Authority on clearance so I just wear a solid teal colored bottom

On the activity side, I got to rent a stand-up paddleboard and paddle around the harbor for over 2 hours on Sunday! It was great exercise and I love it! I was concerned a bit about how my left side would handle the intense balance and strength associated with it but it was great. I also did a lot of walking on sand and some boogie boarding which was fun. I took a break here or there when things started to feel sore, but all in all it went really well!

Last, but certainly not least, I am almost ready to do a little jogging. I spoke with my orthopedic surgeon on Monday for my post-op follow-up and he said I'm completely healed and my achilles is strong and flexible. He even asked me if I was doing any running yet. I thought he was joking but essentially things are strong enough if I happened to jog. My physical therapist has been more cautious, working on me getting my strength back first, but last week she even told me I could probably get out and do some easy hiking and going for some longer walks. But I think I am ready to jog a little. I tried and I think if I did a jog/walk combo, I could get started and work my way up.

To be continued!

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