Sunday, March 23, 2014

More regular cardio

Last Tuesday I was at my son's soccer practice where there are some great rolling hills and hiking trails that weave in between them. I thought I would give hiking a try as it is an approved activity so I did and it went well! I ended up doing 30 slow minutes.

Wednesday I went out and tried for a walk/jog. It hurt some on the jogging parts so I only did 10 minutes of 1-minute jog/walk intervals. It was hard but felt so good! Bad news is that I was pretty sore the next day. Not muscle-sore, but over-did-it-sore. So I have not tried again yet. I figure until I am not sore afterward, I will save that particular exercise for once a week.

I did some very easy biking yesterday and I was a tad sore afterward but not bad! I am really trying not to rush things, but at the same time, I need to challenge my legs to increase strength and ability. I am still working on the other strengthening exercises. I am getting better with the calf raises!

I skipped physical therapy this week but I go again Thursday! I am just glad to know I can do more now! I'm sure I will be hopping on my bike more often since it doesn't hurt at all :)

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