Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doing Too Much

My last post I ended by saying that I need to remember I am still injured, and I still need to take it easy! Have I been living that out this week?! It's not that I am trying to sabotage my progress, it's that my life is busy and there is always so much that I want or need to do. I want to take my kids fun places, and keep up with them in general. I want to keep my house clean, and do a good job with the meals menu and the kids' lunches. I want to enjoy the nice weather. I want to put in our landscaping and plant my vegetable garden!

And while I do not condone doing too much, I have to share a pic of my newly planted vegetable garden. The hard part is done!

Ok, I'm officially nuts. I guess I just figure hey, I feel good, so why can't I do these things? Well I'm lying to myself really. I don't feel good, I feel ok. My foot doesn't like doing all of these busy things. I am out of the boot now, but I put it back on if I know I will be walking a lot. I even wore it once to work in the yard but not since because I got it filthy and it took forever to wash (stupid reason, I know).

So...most of the big jobs we've wanted to accomplish around the house are done. Things have been planted and set in motion. Back to normal.

I am most looking forward to a reset. Our forecast is calling for 4 days of rain (which incidentally is also great for my garden), which means a slower pace. I am not planning anything, and here everything we had planned gets canceled in rain. So I am planning on one objective-rest. I plan on baby-ing my leg through those 4 days and doing the bare minimum. Now here's hoping I can stick to it!!

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