Friday, February 21, 2014

Physical Therapy Week 3

Thursday was my 3rd visit to physical therapy. I went a bit early and was able to spend 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. Then I met with my therapist and got to work! She spent a good amount of time on my incision because it needs to be massaged regularly. She said that incisions like these have a tendency to adhere to underlying tissues: tendon, bone, muscle. She said mine has some adhesions so it needs to be massaged regularly. Then she tried manipulating my lower leg in a few ways to feel the muscles and tendons out.
Here is my leg after having the cast off...and here is my leg last night to compare! It is good to see some progress (and no I am not quite that tan, it was the lighting).

All in all the session was the same. She evaluates some of my exercises to see if I am making progress then shows me new moves she wants me to do in order to strengthen other muscles. This week I get to do special lunges and a move she calls the "Woody Woodpecker" where you stand straight and then lean toward the wall in front of you without bending your legs. It's tough!

By the end of our session I'm usually feeling pretty sore, but it is a good kind of sore. Today I was sore sooner than usual after being on my feet for a while. I am still diligently walking our dog every day, sometimes twice a day, doing stretches and balance/proprioceptive moves along the way.

This afternoon after picking the kids up from school I was so relieved it is Friday. No homework, no place to go.  I was so wiped when we got home that I did something I never do- I turned on a 3 in the afternoon! While I was watching I was icing and by the time the movie was over my leg felt better. It was just so sore and I was so tired. I have been more tired that I'd like lately and I couldn't really pinpoint why until today. I think even though I am progressing, I need to remember that my injury still exists. My achilles is not better yet, and certainly not pulling it's own weight. So it's tiring getting around and doing normal things. Driving and going to the grocery store for example. By the afternoon it is like I have been dragging a club foot around. And it's not that I am dragging my foot, it is just that the deficit is there, so it gets exhausting after a couple hours of walking on it.I have to remember that I have only been out of my walking boot for a week!

But...on to a new day! And keep moving forward (Walt Disney).

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