Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Therapy Week Two and Ciao! to My Walking Boot!

Last Thursday was Therapy Sesh 2. (It's nearly Wednesday so I'm having trouble keeping up! Life has been keeping me busy.)

We started the session with something kind of exciting. I got to sit on the recumbent bike and discovered I can pedal! If only I had one of those babies at home, I would have a go-to faster-paced workout! It did feel good to be able to do something cardio.

After that warm-up, we worked on some new moves. In addition to the stretches, the therapist added some butt and thigh muscle work. Early in the session I explained that certain calf stretches hurt the medial side of my knee...with a sort of pulling pain. She is suspicious that the lack of regular movement has probably atrophied those muscles and caused some shifting. So they are a new target. And guess what? I can do squats!

She also added some proprioceptive moves. I stand with my legs together, and simply try to stand without swaying. Then I place my arms in different positions. Then I stand on a pillow doing the same thing. Then, off the pillow, I do the moves with my eyes closed. Then likewise, I stand on the pillow, eyes closed. It is all a progressive challenge for those intricate muscles surrounding my ankles.

I also have some heel raises which are not my favorite. I do sets of ten, both legs at the same time. It doesn't feel like my left calf is contracting much yet, but when I watch in the mirror, it is actually doing quite a bit. I just can't feel it much yet, I still have a weird sort of numbness in areas of my calf/achilles.

New Homework!
Lastly, she had me stand on this disc thing and move forward and to the sides and back, just using my lower legs. It started to hurt a little bit, but this was at the end of the session too.

I am feeling more upbeat this week. I came out feeling better than the week before. My walking is getting better so that alone is encouraging.

And the walking boot-oh yeah! Valentine's Day I was officially done with the everyday need of the walking boot. I still put it on if I have to walk a lot or if my leg is feeling overworked, sore or tired.  But it was cool to reach that milestone where I no longer am married to the boot!

Updated incision photo:

39 days post-op!!

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