Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Post-Op Appointment *Warning...Incision picture*

Yesterday I went to see my orthopedic surgeon to have my cast and steri-strips removed as well as receive my new walking boot and further instructions for how to care for my leg. It all went very well.

My doctor says I will be in the walking boot for another 3 1/2-4 weeks when after then my tendon should be fully healed. That is amazing to me! In the meantime I should be starting physical therapy soon and it will last for an undetermined amount of time. How long it takes depends on my progress.

Removing the cast was the weirdest thing! I guess I have grown accustomed to it, in all its cumbersome glory. It's amazing how much leg hair I can grow in only 10 days too-haha! The walking boot is very similar, just more comfortable, secure and easier to manage. My heel is pretty sore though since it has taken so much of the weight these last weeks.
Da Boot! (and my slipper)

The incision...I was very nervous to see the incision. It is 6.5 inches long I must admit and I am still a bit shocked by it. All in all everything besides the length looks fantastic! It was such a precise cut that the edges meet perfectly. I am optimistic that it will heal up great! I bought some steri-strips at Rite Aid just in case I felt like I needed a little extra security but it is a nice and strong wound. I have been wrapping it with a soft wrap just to protect it inside my jeans.

If you look closely, you can see the places where the internal sutures exist.
I hope I haven't grossed you out too badly! Each one of my three boys gasped and grimaced and one ran away when they saw it! My oldest kept saying, "Ugh...I can still see it when I close my eyes Mom!"

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