Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 1 Post Op!

Well I made it through the surgery-yeah! I was very nervous yesterday, and I dreaded going under anesthesia. However, when I woke up, I got the best news ever. The tear was more internal than anything, with healthy tendon around it. There wasn't as much scar tissue as originally shown on the MRI (or that they thought they saw), and the surgery took 45 minutes instead of the anticipated 2 hours. So the doctor repaired the damaged part, stitched me up internally (no outer stitches I guess!) and put me in a big splint cast. I was pretty groggy coming out of anesthesia yesterday and into the ride home. Then last night was touch-and-go painwise, but by today I am feeling so much better.

I can't believe my surgery was yesterday. This journey has felt so long! I just spoke to my orthopedic surgeon and he said that I should do very, very well and should be back on my feet much sooner than originally expected. The rehabilitation and recovery should be much easier than he thought! It sounds like it was a fairly minor surgery all in all. The doctor says it went the way a best case scenario possible could go in my situation. I am so relieved.

I am up with crutches and can actually put weight on my affected side, but it is still pretty tender of course. So I am taking it in strides. I see my Doc again on the 20th when I should get the large splint cast off in exchange for a more manageable walking boot.

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