Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beautiful Harbor Discovery Run

I LOVE San Diego. There is so much beauty here. Forget all of the big-city attributes! I love the harbor, the ocean, the desert gorge, the islands...ok the big-city stuff is great too ;)

Today's run all started with my husband. He has been riding his bike nearly 20 miles to work (one way). The last few days have been stiffling hot and humid so around 3pm he calls me up to come pick him up so he doesn't have to ride home. I agreed. It was just too hot. But that meant I would need to bring him to work bright and early on a Saturday so that he could ride home today. I wasn't super excited to get up early on a Saturday but it proved to be extremely rewarding. There weren't any cars on the freeway, it wasn't hot yet and the sunrise was incredible on the harbor where the hubs works. That, and it gave me a chance to explore a great new running path. Win-win-win. 

Style/Workout:  5.04 Miles, fast and flat
Setting/Route:  San Diego Harbor to Liberty Station and back
Progress: (running mileage):  5.04 today/ 11.45 this month/ 331.35 year-to-date

Here are a few pictures I scalped from the internet of the route! 

One funny thing that happened was that I stumbled upon a fun run! Actually I had heard about it before, it was the All American Heroes 5K/10K. I actually wanted to run it but forgot it was the day! So here I was running along my merry way as I pass markers and water stops. It felt silly! I ran all the way to the starting line, and would have signed up and ran it but I was already 3 miles in and I only had $5 on me. 

It was just cool because I got a feel for how easy it is to access morning fun runs downtown. I am intimidated by major traffic and I was so happy because it was nonexistent! I definitely would like to make early morning Saturday outings a habit. I could even try other areas like Balboa and Coronado. Beautiful! 

Lastly, I ended up with some chafing in between my thighs. It was a different sort though...not the strawberry kind but more of a bubbly-cluster of hives-kind! It was brutal! Thankfully it died down within an hour or so. Time for chafing cream!

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