Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Has Gotten Away From Me!

Mission: Get Back on Track! 

I haven't been running much this summer, but I refuse to let myself feel guilty about it. I absolutely prefer when I have a good groove going and I am running several times a week, along with strength training and yoga, etc. but summer has not been the season for me! 

Our family just moved 1,000 miles south, from Oregon to California. And while I'm absolutely loving the change, there are a few catches... 

1) It's summer...so the kids are all home, which means that most moments of the day I spend it loud chaos. Occasionally I "win" with some kind of activity or outing, but even then I feel like I spend a lot of time in "survival mode" with the kids.

2) We don't have a house yet, which means we are living out of our (exceptionally large I must admit) travel trailer in a perpetual state of "vacation". Hey, vacation is well and good, but you know how it always seems much harder to squeeze your runs in on vacation? I don't know if it is a state of mind or the lack of routine but if you know what I mean, then you understand the challenge. 

3) New area, unknown running routes. I was so proud of myself when after just a short time here I found a great running route! Remember the one along the golf course? Well after running it a handful of times, I noticed a "No Runners or Walkers" sign. Thankfully I saw that before I got into trouble! It was such a bummer too, because it was such a lovely running route. 

So that is where we are...back to square 1 for what feels like the 17th time. What I can say for myself is that I have been escaping for power walks up the big hill and through the neighborhood that sits on top. I got tired of being frustrated so I threw off all pressure I was puting on myself and just decided to stick with some walks that were working for me, in order to stay active. I have not forgotten my love for running however, not by a long shot. 

In addition, my husband took me for a long, 20-mile bike ride on Saturday which took us all the way down to Mission Bay Park where the bike trails are endless as well as the views. It turns out, even in a big city like San Diego, biking is actually quite practical! I am a novice however and I was pooped after that ride! I'm hoping he will take me more often and I can build up some stamina. I'd really like to ride by the bay more often. Ultimately what I want to do most is stand-up paddle-boarding. I would LOVE to find a SUP Yoga class! 

So that's it kids...and you would be proud of me, I am headed out for a run to wherever the path leads me...in search of new running routes! 

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