Friday, August 30, 2013

A New 3.3 Miles

Style/Workout:  3.33 Run/Walk
Setting/Route: Santo Rd Hill + La Mirage Condo Neighborhood
Progress: (running mileage):  3.3 today/ 6.41 this month/ 326.31 year-to-date

 Today's run was needed for my mental health. Labor Day Weekend is definitely approaching, because the kids are driving me nuts...which means school must be about to start! 

So this run was part of my scheme to get my morning to myself. I drank my coffee outside, ran inside quickly to change, grabbed the laundry and headed away from the travel trailer (oh yeah, if I didn't mention it, we're living in our travel trailer until our military housing becomes available). Once the laundry got started, I switched on my music, did my warm-up lap through the park and headed out. My mission was to explore other possible running routes. I ended up doing lots of hills! Unfortunately we live in a place called Mission Gorge, which means that all around us are hills. And I say "unfortunately" because it's not fun to run hills with every single workout, but I imagine it will do me some good! 

On a separate-but-similar note, I found a great running path near where I will be dropping the kids off for school. My plan is to have my running stuff ready, drop them off and run before I head back to the travel trailer and my To-Do list. I struck the mother load...a beautiful 5-mile looped path along Miramar Reservoir (Lake Miramar), a pretty lake right smack in the middle of what is more of a deserty area. The lake is used as a water source so there is no swimming or watercraft available.

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