Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fat Day, Skinny Day

This title sounds like it could be the start to a bad book written in Dr. Seuss language! However, the thoughts behind it are very real (and probably won't rhyme).

Seeing the numbers on the scale jump a bit higher last week did a number on me. The weird thing is that I always say I don't depend solely on weight measurement but no matter how I try to reason with myself, that number matters to me. It is one huge way I gauge how I am doing with health and fitness. It stinks to be on the "heavier" side of it.

But then I had this beautiful sunny and warm day last week where I wore just the right pants, and my hair looked great! So I've gained a couple of pounds, so what? I felt beautiful aside from the fact.

Fast forward to today...I have been in the stretch pants I slept in last night all day. I woke up and did the normal thing, but ended up doing chores and the tedious job of vacuuming out my car. It took so long it ran right into my kids' pick-up time from school so here I am, still in my stretch pants, unshowered, 3rd-day-hair pulled up, no makeup. I care, I really do...just not enough today I guess.

Then I made the "mistake" of going to Sports Authority to shop for bathing suits. I did end up finding a great place to swim laps, which also happens to have boot camp classes that incorporate the pool. The lady at the front counter told me that they have bikes as well. But in order to swim there for fitness, I needed more than a beach bikini.

So I went to Sports Authority...I tried on bathing suits...I faced the music! The lighting was terrible and the large bottoms were tight! In my defense, I wear a misses large normally. I have a booty and I'm fine with that. But having them be way too small? This can't be happening! I couldn't have possibly gained all 7 pounds in my butt alone. Sulking, I took the bottoms back to the clearance rack to see if they had *gulp* larger sizes. Then I looked closer at the tags...they were little girls' sizes! THANK GOD IN HEAVEN! So instead of thinking a ladies large was too small, it turned out the girls' XL fit great! Bonus...I still fit into some sort of little girls' sizes. For whatever that helps, it helped.

So while I had made a mistake and felt better about it, I did notice that things are not looking as in-shape as they did earlier this summer. The sleekness of areas that have been sleek are less sleek. My tan has faded and that usually helps mask a lot too, so I realize that. But it's good, I'm glad to see where I'm at...because tomorrow I start swimming. I hate swimming, I suck at swimming, this ought to be good for me :)

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