Monday, November 11, 2013

Achilles' Tendon...turns out it's pretty important!

So the flag football tournament came and went. Our team placed 3rd! I was so hyped for this tournament...I mean I was ready to blow it up! Well, first play of the first game, the handoff was made to me and at some point while busting through ladies, I took a blow to my left Achilles' tendon and down to the ground I went. I didn't play at all after that. Instead, I went to urgent care with a left lower leg that simply wasn't working. Turns out (this is sarcasm here...) your Achilles' tendon is integral in the function of your calf muscle. Injure your Achilles' and in addition to the pain you will experience, you will also experience the strange sensation of a muscle that just doesn't work. I tried to walk it off, and simply fell because my leg wasn't working, kind of like everything from the knee down was numb.

So here I am 3 days post injury. I am slowly regaining range-of-motion and function to my calf, but slowly. My left leg is a major cankle still with a lot of swelling. But I am seeing some-albeit minute-improvements each day. I am just thankful that it is just a contusion and not a tear-or worse-rupture, which would require surgery and months of recovery time. I'm not sure how long I will be down, but I'll just be thankful to walk normally again, whenever that happens.

So in the meantime my posts will probably be about recovery from time to time. I am also hoping to focus on nutrition and diet control.

Ever since moving to San Diego, we have been eating out a lot more, mostly for convenience. I have also been kind of eating whatever I feel like with just a little bit of thought to the calories that might be adding up. The good thing is that the entire first 90% of our time here I have had to be "bikini ready" and that really helps you keep yourself in check. But now that it is fall and the water parks are closed, and the weather isn't hot, it is easy to settle on jeans and a tank or shorts and a sweatshirt for beach attire.

That being said, I want to do better. If I had a scale, I would assume I may have gained 5 pounds since moving here. If not, I would be pleasantly surprised and could start ahead of the game. But either way (and since I don't have a scale) I want to make some positive steps back to healthier eating.

So here are a few goals:

Cook more, eat out less (measurable more than one meal out a week)
Practice portion control (use smaller bowls and plates)
Drink more water! (64 oz or more per day)
Eat more vegetables (do not buy snack foods such as chips and cheddar cheese crackers, snack on carrots, celery and sow peas instead)

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