Monday, June 17, 2013

And She [Doesn't] Run

Well, I had a flop streak of about 3 weeks and just as I finished spring term of school and was ready to get back into it, I get injured! No need to describe what happened. It was a combination of clumsiness and well...clumsiness.

I landed myself in the ER, 7 stitches and instructions not to run for a few weeks, for fear that the stitches/laceration will pop open due to the high flex location. Here are a few pictures.

A gash and a half!

At least my legs are looking tan!
 The doc numbed me all up with lidocaine, then the nurse tech (who happened to be a classmate of mine), cleaned it all up. After that, the doctor came in and stitched it all up.
All stitched up!
 Then the tech cleaned the site again and wrapped me all up. This is my foot later that night when I removed the bandage to put a clean one on.

This was this morning or last is looking and feeling much better already!
But...long story short, don't be surprised if you don't see many blog updates for a bit. I guess everyone needs a break sometimes, but it is always frustrating when it is forced!

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