Friday, June 7, 2013

June StrideBox Review

Woohoo! This month's StrideBox came! I have decided that I LOVE opening my mailbox to goodies!! It is a highlight of my day for sure ;)

June's StrideBox has a great variety of different products to try. What I appreciate is that they include different categories of products than from May's box too (not always energy gels or protein bars for example).

So the very first thing that popped out at me was the Foot Rubz rubber massage ball. I have wanted to purchase a similar foot massage tool but just haven't gotten around to it. I have already tried it and it is glorious! I would gladly pay my entire monthly StrideBox $15 fee just for the ball.

Other products I'm stoked about are the PowerICE Frozen Electrolyte Ice Bars since I'm a huge fan of popsicles anyway and the weather should be getting warmer!  The Lock Laces look cool to try and almond butter is my favorite lately. I'll have to use the Blue Steel anti-chafe cream on my next long run and there is a new energy/electrolyte bar as well as a hydration mix. It's going to be a great running month with these fun products!

Lastly, StrideBox sends these cool stickers each month. Last month said "Just Keep Running" and this month is "Get Out and Run". I am starting a collection on my school binder for fun motivators.


  1. I just received this month's StrideBox and I'm already writing a review! That's because the Foot Rubz massage ball rocks!! I am going to put this in a Ziplock bag and keep it in my purse so that whenever I get the chance, I can massage, massage, massage. It is beneficial yes, but I like it because it feels awesome!

  2. PowerIce Frozen Refreshing Ice Bar with Electrolytes:

    Well, this one I did not get a chance to try! I had them all frozen and ready in the fridge for my next run and my kids got to them first! I found the wrappers hidden under the couch :-/ So...I did ask them and they said they were really yummy! At least I know if I bought some for running and I ended up with a sick kid, I could give them these!

  3. Lock Laces-No Tie Athletic Shoelace System:

    I would never have thought to even try these without StrideBox. How cool! I will admit, I am always adjusting my shoelaces (a little tighter here, a little looser there...) and I often stop mid-run because I forget to double-knot. These take all of the hassle out-period! I am surprised by just how much I like them! My husband bikes a ton and he even asked me about them because he said his laces are never tucked away enough. Looks like we'll be ordering him a pair!

  4. Skratch Labs-Exercise Hydration Mix-Lemons/Limes:

    This drink mix was a powder and of the recent powders I have tried lately, I liked this one best. It mixed well (although left some sediment at the bottom) and was very tasty! I appreciated the more generous serving size of 16 oz of drink. I never quite understand the measly 8oz serving size. Who drinks only 8oz after a long run? (Well I guess some drink water along with it...)

  5. Pocket Fuel- Almond Butter with Kick- Banana Blueberry:

    I can see how these cool pouches could be super convenient on say, a long hike. But to be honest, I didn't really like it much. I love regular almond butter and maybe just to me, it's fine the way that it is :)

  6. Electro-Delytes Citrus Electrolyte Bar: This bar was-for lack of better description- surprising and weird. It reminded me of the texture of turkish delight jelly candy, but tasted like lemon...I really wanted to like it because it tasted pretty good but the texture was so intense I don't think I would purchase it out in the store. For this type of fuel I would probably prefer Clif ShotBlocks