Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I did not fall off the face of the earth...not quite!

Ok so I just had to post a small update so that I felt connected with my blog and the running part of my life. So the last time I wrote a post was 6/19 (two weeks ago), although my last real run was 6/20, I managed 2.5 miles but forgot to post it. That being said, I took a week off prior to those runs because I was sick. So I would say that in all honesty, I have lost a good 3 weeks of running! Yikes!

Sick: 1 week off
Ran twice
Vacation and aftermath: 2 more weeks off.

In the end, the world is still spinning and everyday is a new chance to get back on the wagon. I have a tendency to stop and beat myself up but I am not going to do that this time. Life happens! You just have to get back on the wagon as soon as you can!

I have been contemplating the marathon in October that I had set my sights on. I just don't think this is my marathon year. With nursing school coming up and being a huge priority, I don't think I can handle the pressure of sticking to a marathon training plan. And I can't just wing it, I need to have successfully followed at least 75% of a training plan in order to attempt to tackle a marathon. I just don't want to kill myself. So I have given myself permission to transfer this year's marathon goals to next year, or possibly the following year depending on nursing school. Half marathons are still totally doable, as long as I am getting longer runs in regularly and accomplishing 10-12 milers before my target races. 

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