Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello 3 Miles, Remember Me?

Quick Post! So yes, I've been seriously slacking. I really don't have any good excuses except I have had ZERO motivation. My kids are all home for the summer break and I've been on summer mode...staying up a bit later, sleeping in. It has been glorious actually. But somehow the slower pace has also slowed my motivation for lots of things.

I have been mostly spending my time focused on my kids and house, and we have been taking weekend camping trips, in addition to our awesome vacation we took in June. We have done some hiking and biking, but nothing overly rigorous as we usually go as a family. Mostly I have been doing a lot of cleaning, teaching, crafts, and just generally enjoying spending time with my kids. Nursing school is looming on the horizon and while I'm looking forward to it, there have been a lot of preparations and I know once I am in the thick of it, I won't have as much time with my family (or time to sleep).

But alas, it hit me like a ton of bricks last night that there is only 6 weeks left until the Disneyland Half Marathon!! Woah Nellie!! Enough being wishy-washy, it is time to get my crap together!

So today was my new beginning. Three miles. It felt pretty good. I didn't take my iPhone since my earbuds are missing (again). I really need several pairs of earbuds, one that stays in my running stuff drawer at all times.

The Seaside Beach Run is this weekend. I have not decided if I will participate yet since my husband has duty and not all of my kids are ready to run a 5K. Plus, we've drained every penny with the expenses of nursing school prep. We've been getting $50ed to death it seems. We'll see my friends.

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