Monday, July 23, 2012

Four Miles at the Beach

Woohoo here I am! Back at running again, and-hello!-back to blogging about it! I am not going to go anywhere near revamping my goals, or race training plans or any of it! I'm just setting a goal for this week. Sometimes that is hard enough! So this week I want to run the following: Mon: 4 miles, Tues: 3 miles, Wed: 4 miles, Thurs: Rest, Fri: 6 miles (long run). Sat and Sun: Rest

Today's run went well. The family was set to head for a walk out on the Prom and I went ahead and ran my 4 then met up with them and we walked a bit. I took a rest stop half way through to potty and catch a quick drink. It felt really good to get out there. My shins, ankles, ITBs, ATs, you name it...were a little rusty. But overall my attitude has much improved!

I have really wanted to feel guilty for "falling off the wagon", but I have refused. Everyone needs to rest sometimes. And I know I have! I have been getting up whenever I feel like it (usually around 7:30) and then letting the day go as it needs to most days. It's summer! The weather is fair, my kids are home, and I am really enjoying things.

Oh, I didn't run the beach run. If we're being real, I didn't have the extra $30! I know that it is not much, but my husband had to work so if I were to run, I would have also had to register my son too, so we're talking $60. We're saving every penny for our epic road trip coming up. I keep asking I want to spend that here or at Disneyland? The answer is a no-brainer ;)

Alrighty so that is it for today! Time to roll out the muscles...

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