Monday, June 11, 2012

Eight is Great, But Hot Dogs Are Not...

Ok, so just for the record...
does not = good fuel for the day before a long run...

Saturday was an all-day baseball tournament for my 12-year-old son. I packed a large lunch for us so we wouldn't have to eat out (which is expensive with 3 kids!) and while it was an economically savvy wasn't the best eating day for me.  It was probably one of my worst on record. I ended up eating a large amount of those three things above. I did pack a few healthy snacks (oranges, apples, string cheese) which I also ate, but they did not override the junk food. I should have packed a simple sandwich and salad for myself. 

When I headed out for my 8-miler on Sunday, my body felt totally confused by the fuel I had put in it. It was probably confused also by my level of exhaustion at the starting point. Nonetheless, here was my run:

Run/Workout: 8 Miles Long Run
Location: all around Seaside
Run Time (if applicable): 1:12:44, 9:04 average splits
Run Start: 8:15
Temperature: 55 degrees
Weather: partly sunny

It was overall a good long run. It was a little weird, my body was kind of stiff from the day before (just the exhaustion of taking 3 kids to a baseball tournament 1 1/2 hours away all day). I started out real easy, then gradually increased my pace, but not by much. I grabbed a drink twice at water fountains along the way and I had to use the bathroom right at the start and at mile 7. I'm thinking the bathroom breaks were thanks to my horrible diet the day before. And I had to use my mental toughness a lot this run because I was tempted to shorten it a few times. What I do in this case is I run further from home that way the only way to get back is to run back. I need this t-shirt:

So that's the excitement for the day! I spent about an hour after my run weeding the flowerbeds and I am either suffering from some acute seasonal allergies or I have caught a mild head cold. I'm thinking it is the former since we were knee-deep in a serious amount of weed pollen yesterday.

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