Monday, June 4, 2012

Easy Peasy 5K

Run/Workout: 5K/3.1 miles
Location: Neighborhoods on top of Astoria, limited hills
Run Time (if applicable): 31:81, 9:53 average splits
Run Start: 9:00 am
Temperature: 54 degrees
Weather: cloudy

 I took 4 days off!! That isn't really like me, but I have been busy! Last week I found out the good news that I was accepted into my college's nursing program! My family is as busy as ever as well as the school year winds down. I kept saying I would catch up and run over the weekend but that is never likely, and I was sooooo tired! I took an extra long nap on Sunday.

By today I couldn't stand it, I had to get out and run!  I worked it out so I could run near the college and not have to drive away and lose a great parking space (parking is a nightmare here). I enjoy running through neighborhoods. In Eugene and Portland races you often run through neighborhoods and that was what it reminded me of.

I knew my run wouldn't be very long. Three miles is never very long, so I just tried to enjoy it. My body felt sluggish though :( But overall I still enjoyed my run and felt satisfied when I was done. I finished up with some abs and arms in the gym. That's it!

I just started a marathon training plan. I can't believe I'm at this point. I do have to say that ever since I have lost 5 lbs I feel healthier than ever, and I have never felt more ready to take on my first marathon. Training schedule-wise, the good thing is that my school starts around week 17 of my marathon training plan so odds are, even if I get super busy with nursing school (which I'm sure I will), I will already be well-trained and ready for the Portland Marathon October 7th.

Also...I was invited to a Ragnar Relay team on July 20-21! I have never ran on any of these longer distance relays so this should be fun!

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