Monday, July 21, 2014

Working Woman

Life has been so crazy busy ever since I got this job. I love it by the way! It's so busy though, full time Mon-Fri, 8:15 until about 4 each day. At first I underestimated how tiresome it could be, but now that we're in week 4 of working I'm starting to get the hang of it...sort of.

My running agenda is kind of up in the air. I am on my feet all day long which surprisingly makes my achilles really sore. I stretch and try to take care of it after work. I have tried getting up early to jog like I did during nursing school but my body isn't having it. I certainly do not have as many "excuses" as I did during nursing school but my body wakes up and is like, NO. I did a little trail run/walking the other night and I found that I am actually enjoying doing a workout that time of night which is new for me. It works out well because it is during my youngest son's football camp (which will later become football practice-same place and time). I think that is going to be my best bet.

In my "free time" I have been finding ways to chisel out some exercise. Saturday I took the kids to the pool where I swam my 10 laps. At night I like to do some yoga (although I hugely prefer taking an actual class). Of course 4th of July weekend a few weekends back I got great exercise and had a ton of fun battling waves boogie boarding.

So it's all a work in progress. Change always seems to be the word of the season. Change, adjust, enjoy. Change, adjust, enjoy. I'll get there soon!
On the flipside I have been doing great with my intake. Because I have this routine, I pack my lunch and stay too busy all day to do much snacking. I start out the day always eating a good breakfast and in the evening we almost always eat something relatively healthy. There is always sugary treats at my work though-always! Someone is always have a birthday or celebrating something which brings in the cakes and donuts, etc. I haven't been too bad with it, since in reality those types of treats give me a sugar rush headache/nausea most of the time. So I usually just take a very small portion and enjoy it. Life is too short not to eat dessert! But the end to this paragraph was to say I have lost a few pounds just because of the discipline that being so busy had bred. I'm not disappointed at all!

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