Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 1 of (another) new plan

Today I got out and went for a run. It was awesome! Somehow it felt relatively like I had never stopped. I managed a surprisingly fast 9:30 pace through the 3 miles. Fall is great here with lower temps plus the pretty sunshine. I enjoyed every minute. After my run I did 10 stairs and the last 3 I did some quick sprinting. Honestly I was surprised that I was able to do these things. And it's not that I thought that I couldn't, it's just that I have been too busy and distracted from running that I haven't tested myself in a while (except a recent hike with my husband that rocked my calves).

Yesterday I wrote out a great half marathon plan and taped it to my bathroom mirror. I have some cool sparkly star stickers to mark each day with. My goal race is the Carlsbad Half Marathon Jan 18-which is just about on the year anniversary of my Achilles repair surgery. I think it will be great timing.

Along with running I am going to start going back to yoga. I have been holding off on so many things that might cost money but it's time to do a few things for myself again. I have a good strength training routine that I will follow on my own on Strength & Stretch days. For cross training I'm not sure yet because my bike tires are flat and it's not swimming season anymore...

But let's just say it's nice to be doing some normal things again!

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