Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 3 of Half Marathon Training!

So here I am...week 3 of half marathon training! I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I posted to make sure that I would stick with it. Sounds backwards...wouldn't I post it so that I would have to stick with it? Well I did post this picture on Instagram...

At it's start it is nice and clean and white...since then I've been adding colorful sparkly star stickers. Gotta love little extras like that!
I had to find a way to get myself back on track and this has worked for me! I think my caution was due to my being unsure how my leg would handle running. Right now I run 3x a week, yoga 1x (although I'm going to start making it 2x) and sneak in XT when I can, but it hasn't been consistant because my bike tires are flat and I don't have a pool available. I usually consider a nice long walk or hike my XT. I am hoping to look into strength training classes at the gym where my brother works, and though the yoga I do is serious strength training yoga (not your gramma's yoga!).

My body is tolerating the training very well. I take frequent walk breaks as needed and do 10 stadium stairs after each run as much as I can (sometimes the field is locked). I definitely notice that my legs tolerate the activity differently. My right butt might be sore while my left shin is...or my L hamstring might be super tight but my L is perfectly fine. It's really weird and I have to really concentrate on my form and make my (lazy) left leg perform properly. My L calf muscle just isn't as strong as my R. This is why I walk as needed and stretch often. My L Achilles is super strong but I'm all about preventing injury these days!

Exciting news for me is that I'm all registered for the Carlsbad Half Marathon Jan 18! I'm so excited to get back out and participate in an event of this caliber! I don't even care what my time is or anything else...I think I registered with an estimated finish time of somewhere between 2:00-2:15. Even if I don't make that time I won't care. I'll just be glad to get that medal and know what my body is capable of again.

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