Sunday, November 9, 2014

Capping off Week 3 of HM Training

Today I finished up week 3 of half marathon training. It has been a pretty good week. Life is very busy so my schedule can vary from week to week. My #1 goal is to get my runs in, followed by yoga sessions and then other cross training as I can. Everything is coming along. I am feeling less like I am dying during my runs as my body gets back into shape. I know it will just continue to get better.

Yesterday I had to work and along my commute is a Road Runner Sports store, including a Clearance store. Every time I pass I drool wishing I could stop. Today I finally did. I didn't have a lot of time but I stopped! I looked at shoes first but the shoes at the Clearance store were all gently used and I'm just not into that. The shoes at the regular store were all full price (upwards of $100, no thanks) so I did not end up buying any shoes. The Clearance store did have tops and bottoms and a few new shoes but I just didn't have time to sift through everything. I did end up buying some calf sleeves (non-compression), a new running visor, a pack of Gu Brew tabs and a new running jacket. It is more like a light windbreaker, but exactly what I have been looking for. It has vents you can unzip as you warm up. It doesn't get all that cold here in SoCal but a jacket is really nice to have for many reasons, and will come in handy if I get up early any day for my run. I haven't had this type of jacket since I left my Eddie Bauer one in my gear-check bag at the Eugene Marathon so it was time.

Today's run was great. I love the calf sleeves! I have been wanting to buy some for a while because even though my achilles is strong, I'm still building my calf back up and my L ankle kind of feels it a bit . Today everything felt good...actually felt normal...and that's a great feeling!

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9:16 per mile! Yahoo!!

I walked to warm up and then jogged about a mile before I arrived at the track. Then I did the rest on the track, focusing on my form and breathing. The last mile I took a couple 20 second walk breaks but then the last 300 meters I really sprinted. I am very pleased with my time. After my workout I did some push-ups, sit-ups, tri-dips, etc and finished up with 10 stadium stairs. I'm feeling great!

I also wanted to mention that this morning I was not feeling great. I woke up with vertigo, and just not feeling very good. Post-run I still have a little bit of it but running really felt good and I am glad I got out there and got it done.

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